Covid-19 And The Scuba World

In March the world changed. For those who work at Midland Dive Association, the impact is huge. Everything is shut down, and the way people do business has halted or slowed down greatly. There are a few changes that had the most effect. 

The Shut Down 

The first and biggest impact came when everything shut down. There is a pool that the Midland Dive Association has been renting for the last five years. It has been completely shut down. There is no thought on if or when it will open again. Also, many of the lakes are closed. Because of these closures, there is no place to take students to complete their lessons. There are many that still need to complete their check out dives and the open water dives. 

Training Problems

The problem with training during a pandemic is to be able to safely teach air sharing. There is also a problem with getting close to their clients and students without being contaminated or contaminating the students themselves. There is a risk involved with opening shops. 

The Price of Being Safe

Summers are usually busy. Everyone goes to the water during the summer. This is the time when people sign up for classes and dive right in. But with the Covid-19 threat, people are afraid to sign up for classes. Trips are being canceled and no one can gather to finish or start their training for dive certification. 

A sad truth is that many people lost their jobs. There is no money to spend on hobbies like scuba diving. Businesses around the world are closing permanently. There is always a possibility of this happening to many diving associations as well. No one is to blame. Everyone is struggling. 

The New World

There will be a new world when businesses open up. It is the scariest thought to open up your business and not know if someone is sick, or if you can get someone else sick. The hope is that things will slow down. The world will open again and even with new precautions, there can be classes and dives in smaller numbers. 

New News For Midland Dive

Though the chaos has stopped a lot of dives and training, there are some positives that are happening this summer.  Midland Dive Association is hoping to open their new location on August 1, 2020. This is still a tentative date, and we will have to see what happens. We will be keeping in touch with emails letting everyone know of the progress being made and if the opening will happen on time. 

The world may have changed but we are hoping to be here for you after the dust has settled. We want to get back into the water and can’t wait to help you get your certification as soon as we are able. We are in this together. 

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