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Cressi Travellight Travel BCD

This jacket has been specifically designed for those who travel by plane as it is the result of painstaking research on the most suitable materials for reducing weight to a minimum. It has exactly the same characteristics as the Flex in the sea model but with the addition of the integrated Lock Aid weight system.


Only 2.0 Kg The lightest B.C.D. on the market BACK CELL jacket - extremely lightweight. Its 2 kg weight for the M size make it irreplaceable for trips. It is equipped with special anatomical shoulder straps with 40 mm buckles and a comfortable and practical soft back. Lock Aid Integrated weight system FLAT version. Hideaway pocket and 420 denier sack. The buoyancies are 90 N for sizes XS-S-M and 150 N for sizes L-XL


This moderately priced BC offers exceptional value and a wide range of capabilities. The jacket-style air cell is stable in all diving conditions, especially at the surface. Low-profile “gravity” integrated weight pockets are easy to load and release, and the rigid backpack and updated harness provide good load distribution in and out of the water.
  • Durable 420 Denier nylon construction
  • Gravity weight pockets use large Fastex buckles.
  • Rigid, padded backpack with carry handle
  • Quick-release shoulder buckles for fast donning and doffing
  • Special harness design eliminates squeeze when BC is fully inflated
  • Three exhaust valves for buoyancy adjustment in any position
  • Two zippered cargo pockets
  • 2 stainless D-rings
  • 2 technopolymer D-rings
  • 2 spring-clip holding rings
  • Streamlined power inflator
  • Sizes Adult XS - S - M - L - XL


Aquaride is a semi-classic structured BC with a special feature: it has adjustable shoulder straps that aren't restricted by the air cell, improving the grip on the tank and improving comfort. Thanks to their anatomical, preformed profile, they are much easier to put on and make resting the tank more comfortable on the shoulders. The BC features the Flat type Lock Aid System of integrated weight. It is very effective and comfortable thanks to its extremely flat profile and the easy and intuitive arrangement of the pockets. Finally, the anatomical control has a hose retainer, making all inflation and deflation operations very easy and intuitive.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • 420 Denari Nylon bag.
  • Flat system Lock Aid System integrated weight.
  • Superlight rigid backpack with handle.
  • Next generation anatomical infl ator with hose retainer.
  • Expandable sundries pocket with zip closure.
  • Quick-attach rear weight pockets (capacity 2 kg).
  • 3 purge and overpressure valves.

Cressi R1 BC

Rugged BCD with integrated movable weight pockets.
  • New "flat" Lock Aid System
  • Two large sundries pockets
  • Rigid back
  • 3 release valves
  • Buoyancy Lbs: 16.9 (XS), 20.2 Lbs (S), 23.6 Lbs (M), 33.7Lbs (L),36.0 Lbs (XL)


Constructed from extremely strong 500 and 1000 Denier Cordura®fabric, with excellent buoyancy, even on smaller sizes the Start full-jacket BCD fits the bill. Designed with the demanding use of Dive Training and Rental Facilities in mind this BCD will give the Sport Diver years of dependable use. The Start has three Over-Pressure Relief/Dump Valves with two located on the left and right shoulders and a third lower valve on the rear right of the air cell. All three can be manually dumped two with Pull Cords and the other with the Power Inflator Mechanism. There are two plastic D-Rings and two additional Snap Hooks for attachment of instruments and accessories. If used at dive facilities a size indicator is highly visible on the right shoulder. The Start has two large accessory storage Pockets with Velcro closures, and the adjustable sternum straps along with both torso adjustment and waist straps are equipped with side release buckles for easy donning and doffing. The Waist Strap/Cummerbund Assembly is independently suspended from the Air Cell allowing the Air Cell to inflate away from the diver preventing the Squeeze-Effect when inflated. The backpack is rigid for support and stability of the cylinder, yet is fully padded for comfort. The Cressi Start BCD come with a 3/8" threaded Quick-Disconnect Low Pressure Hose and Owner's Manual.
  • Ultra durable fabric from 1000 and 500 Denier Cordura®
  • 2 large pockets cargo pockets with Velcro closure
  • Rigid padded backpack and carry handle
  • Three exhaust valves for buoyancy adjustment in any position
  • 2 technopolymer D-rings
  • 2 Spring-Clip holding rings
  • Size printed clearly on the harness
  • Sizes available: XS-S-M-L-XL